• Please read instructions below.

    Submit or check on the status of your work order Submit or check the status of your work order from home


    How to Submit a Work Order:   
    Technology   Telephone, Security, or Maintenance
    To be entered by office personnel only

    1. Click the link above.

    2. Administrators still login using their username as before.

    Teachers log in using the 2-letter school code (see table below) and room number.

    Example: A computer in Asbury room 9 will use the login: as9

    as = Asbury
    be = Boones Creek Elementary *
    bm = Boones Creek Middle
    co = Central Office
    db = Daniel Boone
    dc = David Crockett
    fb = Fall Branch
    ge = Gray Elementary
    gv = Grandview Elementary
    je = Jonesborough Elementary *
    jm = Jonesborough Middle
    le = Lamar Elementary
    mi = Midway
    rv = Ridgeview Elementary
    sc = South Central
    ss = Sulphur Springs
    wv = West View

    *classes in the round area will have label with room number on the CPU

    3. Use the same password as before, which is supplied by your principal

    4. From the Main menu, click "Add a New Work Order".


    1. Click the link above.

    2. Use the school login assigned to you for telephone or maintenance

    3. Use the password assinged to you

    4. From the Main menu, click "Add a New Work Order".

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    You will receive an email confirming your Work Order after you submit.
    You will also receive information about the status of
    your Work Order until it is closed.

    As of now, all SACC Work Orders will use Tina Lane (lanet) user name.
    Lab computers in all schools will use the principal's user name.