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Beginning Band information.

As you begin your search for a band instrument for your child, I have listed below some local music stores and instrument dealers as well as some online sources. As a public school teacher, I cannot tell you to purchase or not to purchase certain brands. However, the stores, dealers and sites listed below are who we use to purchase instruments through the school.

Please keep in mind that purchasing an instrument is an investment in your child's future. As you purchase an instrument, be sure to ask about repairs. The main question is, "Are repairs done in house or does the instrument have to be sent off? If it has to be sent off, how long does it usually take?" If it takes longer than a week for an instrument to be repaired, that is usually a red flag. However, if an instrument has signaficant damage, it could take a while.


Contact Information

Band Director: 
Christian Williams



Local Stores and Dealers:

Cates Music, Johnson City 928-8821

Music Doctors, Kingsport 246-6620

Cliff Hurter-Tuscaloosa Music, Johnson City 946-3360

Music Masters, Kingsport (Mall)247-6777


Online Stores  (This site returns $20 to our band program for every instrument rented.)