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Mexico is our neighbor to the South, a popular vacation spot, and increasingly more people are speaking Spanish in the USA. Since Spanish is spoken in 20 countries in the Americas as well as in Spain, that makes it the second most important language spoken in the USA and Americas.

0   Learning Spanish will help you to learn more about your own language!  The knowledge you gain about your own language equips you with tools you can use to learn further languages, where you’ll recognize a host of grammatical similarities.

Speaking a new language also helps you to get to know other people and cultures, as language and culture go hand in hand. Come join this fun, interactive class as we learn some basic conversational SPANISH together!

     *CHECK BACK IN THE FALL FOR NEW DATES                                                                                 

Location:  *Daniel Boone High/Room 808
Tuesday evenings/ 5 weeks/5:30-7:30
Start date:
Cost:  $75
Instructor:  Thomas Gillis

+If there is interest, a part II may be added at completion of SPANISH I.

*Daniel Boone High is in Gray
1440 Suncrest Drive