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School Closure Resources

  • Please click on the links on the left which include resources for school closure. These pages have links to grade appropriate read alouds and information science activities to help get you through the school closure. They will be updated as new material is created.

    I hope you all are staying safe and healthy! Keep reading! 

    If you need any help or have questions I can be reached at: Frasiera@wcde.org           

       Keep Calm and Keep Reading

Meet Your Librarian!

  • Dr. Frasier  

    Meet your librarian!

    Dr. Frasier is currently serving as interim librarian for West View School and is excited to improve the library and information science program here! She holds a BS in Education from Central Michigan University, MS in Library Science from East Carolina University, and Ph.D. in Educational Administration from Michigan State University. Dr. Frasier is also a National Board Certified Teacher. She has taught at every level from kindergarten to graduate school and has held professorships at Michigan State University and the University of South Carolina. Dr. Frasier has also published in peer-reviewed academic journals such as Journal of Curriculum Studies and Theory and Research in Social Education.

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