Criteria of a Successful Virtual School Student

  • The following characteristics are commonly found in successful virtual school students: 

    • Have a parent or guardian who is actively involved in the student's virtual learning activities
    • Have a satisfactory cumulative grade point average on previous academic coursework - 2.5 minimum
    • Proficiency or advanced status on state mandated standardized tests
    • Are self-motivated and self-disciplined
    • Are good time managers
    • Are proficient with email and word processing software
    • Are able to read and analyze text
    • Are able to set and achieve goals
    • Are confident in their academic abilities
    • Show determination when confronting obstacles
    • Are personally invested in their own education
    • Avoid conflicts with activities that may interfere with learning
    • Have convenient and frequent access to a computer and the Internet
    • Are willing to try new learning formats and activities
    • Are able to work with little supervision
    • Are computer literate
    • Have maintained a satisfactory record of attendance
  • General Requirements:

    • Students are required to log in into their classes 6.5 hours each school day or risk attendance violations.
    • Students must be on track to graduate by the spring semester of their senior year.
    • Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA.
    • Students must have reliable internet access and a computer.
    • Students must have no more than 15 days of unexcused absences.
    • Students cannot have any discipline record for anything related to cyberbullying, hacking, or any other offenses related to technology.


    Students must be at the current level of mathematics:

    • Incoming Freshmen - Must have passed 8th grade math
    • Incoming Sophomores - Must have completed Algebra I or Math I
    • Incoming Juniors - Must have completed Geometry or Math II
    • Incoming Seniors - Must have completed Algebra II or Math III

Participants' Roles and Responsibilities

Student's Responsibilties

  • It is imperative that students develop habits which will make them successful virtual school students. Students should:

    • Maintain communication, including email, with staff members
    • Read all notifications and announcements from the TVLA
    • Protect learner account by not sharing user name and password, and logging off the system when finished
    • Maintain daily progress on coursework
    • Act in an ethical and honest manner 
    • Have a notebook for taking notes for assignments - used as part of final grade
    • Email your instructor or director about problems with the course; be constructive and concise with questions or problems
    • Manage time and schedule to finish assignments and complete quizzes and tests
    • Maintain computer and software to current standards


Parent/Guardian Responsibilties

  • The role of the parent/guardian is absolutely essential to the successful academic growth of the student.

    • The TVLA parent/guardian is to be an active participant in the delivery of resources provided by the virtual school.
    • The parent/guardian is responsible for maintaining a schedule of instructional opportunities and ensuring that the student is progressing at a pace that is meeting the individual needs of the student.
    • The TVLA parent/guardian is responsible for keeping scheduled appointments and maintaining contact with teachers and staff throughout the school year.
    • The TVLA staff will work with the parent/guardian to assist students in achieving their maximum academic growth in all required subject areas throughout the school year.