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  • stay informed

    • Canvas is my #1 tool for communicating lessons and assignments to students. Since we used Canvas daily in the classroom prior to the closure, all are very familiar with how it works. In order to keep up with the content, students should check their School Email and Canvas Announcements on a daily basis, and follow the instructions given. 

    • Printing worksheets and notes will not be necessary, as students may write notes and work down on their own paper.

    • Your child hasn't logged in yet? No problem! Have your him or her log in and pick up with the lessons and assignments in sequential order. 

    • Directly access Canvas with the link below!
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    Email: oederc@wcde.org

     During our time out, I will be checking my email frequently and will support you and your child in any way that I can. Please do not hesitate to email me with your questions or concerns along the way. 

  • Did You Know?

    Parents! Did you know that you can set up an account to "observe" your child's Canvas Activity?  This may be helpful if you are interested in playing a role in helping your child prioritize the lessons and practice!

    Here's more information:

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