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    March 2, 2021

    Congratulations to Meghan NeSmith for her acceptance to Governor’s School for Science and Engineering. Governor’s School is one of the premier opportunities for Tennessee students.  The Science and Engineering school is hosted by the University of Tennessee Knoxville. We are very proud to be able to send Crockett students to these events.  Way to go Meghan!!


    Seniors, please check your senior Counseling Canvas for a new module on Scholarships. Three were added today that could benefit you!


    This is EPIC Week in all Washington County schools.  Please participate in our food drive and help fill the Crockett Food Pantry.  Students are encouraged to wear their favorite team  or school mask this week.  During the week, Mr. Green and Mr. Plaisted will be watching the halls for students with different and unique  masks and you could get a small prize.  Please help us promote school and team pride along with EPIC Week.  


    On Thursday, March 4, will be the new date for the Pre-ACT test for sophomores.  Juniors will do ACT demographics on this date and Freshmen will take a practice ACT.  Seniors are encouraged to use this day as a virtual/community service day.


    Congratulations to DCHS NJROTC Air Rifle Team for their performance in the 2021 Navy JROTC Air Rifle Postal which led to their selection for the All Navy VIrtual Championship Match.  Only the top 10 Navy JROTC schools are selected for this competition.  Cadets compete as a team and as individuals in both competitions.  DCHS Blue Team finished 7th out of 350 teams nationwide and 2nd out of 40 teams in the NJROTC Area Nine group.  1,623 shooters competed nationally with 161 shooters in Area 9. Here are the results from this competition:

    Blue Team:

    Alexis Fisher finished 18th nationally and 4th in Area 9 with a 3x10 score of 272-9.

    Evan Raynor finished 27th nationally and 7th in Area 9 with a score of 268-8.

    Haley Webber finished 56th nationally and 9th in Area 9 with a score of 262-3.

    Terry Bailey finished 66th nationally and 11th in Area 9 with a score of 260-7.

    Gold Team:

    John Morris finished 151st nationally and 18th in Area 9 with a score of 250-2.

    Alex Brown finished 222nd nationally and 29th in Area 9 with a score of 245-3.

    Adina Phebus finished 261st nationally and 35th in Area 9 with a score of 241-3.

    Ilyssa Marshall finished 424th nationally and 44th in Area 9 with a score of 235-2.

    Crockett’s Blue Team is preparing for the next round of competition which is the 2021 JROTC Virtual Championship in April!


    Congratulations to the students who have successfully passed their All East Honor Choir audition!  These students sang songs in two different foreign languages for a panel of 5 judges and submitted all this digitally.  The competition was really tough, so congratulations for a great job.  Mattie Fouch, Sydnee Hill, Ryan Jamerson, Grace Krell, and Kaya Willis were selected for All East Honor Choir!


    Congratulations to Ethan Hylton for his 4th place finish at the TSSAA State Wrestling Tournament last week.  Also, another congratulations to Addie Stadler for her 3rd place win!


    Also, congratulations are in order for our girls basketball team.  Their great season came to an end in the first round of the regional tournament Friday night.  The Lady Pioneers put up a great fight, but lost by 2 points in the end.  We are very proud of their success this year!


    Students interested in trying out for the 2021-2022 DCHS Cheerleading Squad can pick up application packets in Coach Yoakley’s room (F-2).  Applications are due March 22nd.


    Picture proofs need to be picked up in the bookstore during lunch.


    Seniors, please let your counselor know which colleges you have been accepted to already. They will be adding a bulletin board outside of student services to celebrate your accomplishments and want to include as many seniors as possible.


    Just a reminder that yearbooks are on sale. They are $65 and you can give a check or cash to Mrs. Cheney. We have already sold 80% of our books for this year! Get yours today before they are gone!  During all four lunches you can earn a coupon for $5 off!  Visit the table in the upper commons area for more details!


    STUDENTS:  If you are going home on a different bus or getting off your bus at a different spot, you must bring the office a note stating what you are doing and your parent or guardian has to call the office and confirm the note.  We will sign the note and you can pick it up to give to the bus driver.  Bus drivers will not let you on a different bus or off at a different stop without a  note signed by the office.


    Compulsory Attendance Forms that are required for students to get their driver permit forms are available in the front office.  An information sheet has to be completed and signed by the parent or guardian and turned in at least 24 hours before the form is required.  The compulsory attendance form will only be completed the same day as requested in emergency situations.


    Coach Chandley would like to invite anyone interested to attend FCA every Wednesday at 7:15 in the weight room. 




    Join Creative Writing Club Tuesday, March 2nd at 7:00-7:30 in the morning in O-6 for an informal  meet and greet. Students within the club are encouraged to express their creativity through writing while giving and receiving feedback from fellow writers. Within this club you’ll get to share your stories, listen to other's stories, learn about writing creatively, and you might even get to know new people. We hope to see you stop by on this Tuesday and hope to see you every other Tuesday after that.



    STUDENTS:  If you tell the administration that you have lost your ID badge and Mr. St. John prints a new one, you will be responsible for the cost of that badge regardless of whether or not you find your old ID badge.  Please do not ask for a new ID badge unless you are certain you have lost the original one because you will have to pay for the replacement. Detention will be assigned for not wearing your ID badge. Also, if you owe money for an ID, please pay Mr. St. John or Mr. Plaisted ASAP. If you owe money and do not pay, we will place you on the student obligation list.

Club Announcements

  • Beta Club Logo Beta Club meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:15 a.m. in F3 (Mr. Harris' room).  


  • Chess Club Logo Chess Club meets every other Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 p.m. in F-4. 


  • Creative Writing Logo Creative Writing Club meets every other Tuesday from 2:50-3:30 p.m. in N-2. 

  • FCA meets every Tuesday morning at 7:15 a.m. in the top of the gym.

  • FRC Logo FRC (First Robotics Competition) Rat Rod Robotics Team 5022 will meet every Tuesday at 3:30 in Mr. McAmis’s room/NA-6.

  • HOSA Logo HOSA meets Tuesdays in the Old Annex after school at 3pm.


  • Key Club Logo Key Club meets every Thursday at 7:20 a.m. in the Library.


  • Spanish Club Logo Spanish Honor Society will meet every other Wednesday at 7:15 a.m. in O-3.  

    Spanish Club will meet every other Tuesday after school in O-3.  


  • Student Council meets every Wednesday @ 7:20 a.m.  in the Library.

  • TSA Logo TSA (Technology Student Association) will meet every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. in Mr. McAmis’ room/NA-6.