• The Creative Writing Club WILL MEET AGAIN ON TUESDAY, MARCH 2.

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    While Creative Writing meetings had previously been stalled due to Covid-19 we are beginning our meetings all over again. Join us starting on Tuesday, March 2nd at 7:00-7:30 in the morning in O-6 for a drop-by meet and greet. Students within the club are encouraged to express their creativity within writing with others around them and listen to other's creativity. Within this club you’ll get to share your stories, listen to other's stories, learn about writing creatively, and you’ll even get to make friends and enjoy spending Tuesday mornings with them. We hope to see you stop by on Tuesday and hope to see you every other Tuesday after that.


Our Favorite Books

Student Work

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Our Favorite Poems

  • "A Work of Artiface"

    Marge Piercy

    The bonsai tree
    in the attractive pot
    could have grown eighty feet tall
    on the side of a mountain
    till split by lightning.
    But a gardener
    carefully pruned it.
    It is nine inches high.
    Every day as he
    whittles back the branches
    the gardener croons,
    It is your nature
    to be small and cozy,
    domestic and weak;
    how lucky, little tree,
    to have a pot to grow in.
    With living creatures
    one must begin very early
    to dwarf their growth:
    the bound feet,
    the crippled brain,
    the hair in curlers,
    the hands you
    love to touch.

    submitted by Caroline Kraft

Caroline Kraft-Acrostic Poem

Student Poetry
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