Dr. Ashley Davis

  • Dr. Ashley Davis

Kent Green

  • Kent Green

    Assistant Principal

Tonya Poteet

  • Tonya Poteet Image  


Laura Geske

  • Laura Geske

    School Secretary

Lisa Bradley

  • Lisa Bradley

    Office Staff: Student Service

Jerry Day

  • Jerry Day

    Instr. Asst.: Check-In/Security

Diane Scott

  • Bubble Boy


Susan Gergich

  • Susan Gergich  

    Instructional Assistant - Main Office

Myra Dill

  • Myra Dill 

    Instructional Assistant

Anna Kyker

  • Anna Kyker

    Instructional Assistant

Karl Rowinski

  • Carl Rowinski 

    Instructional Assistant

Chad Plaisted

  • Chad Plaisted

    Assistant Principal/504 Coordinator

Mitchell Roop

  • Mitchell Roop


Josh Kite

  • Josh Kite  

    Athletic Director

Tiffany Malloy

  • Tiffany Malloy

    Data Clerk

Sheila Houston

  • Sheila Houston

    School Nurse

Dale Scott

  • Dale Scott


Nicole Lutz

  • Nicole Lutz  

    Instructional Assistant - Main Office

Denise Butler

  • Denise Butler  

    Instructional Assistant

Gloria Dixon

  • Gloria Dixon 

    Instructional Assistant

Ross Lindley

  • Ross Lindley

    Instructional Assistant

Logan Scott

  • Logan Scott  

    Instructional Assistant

Destanie Sweeney

  • Destanie Sweeney

    Assistant Principal

Abbigail Kincaid

  •  Abbigail Kincaid

    Student Technology

Bryon Grant

  • Bryon Grant  

    Athletic Trainer

Wendy McKinney

  • Wendy McKinney


Alan Shaffer

  • Alan Shaffer

    School Resource Officer

Jamie Walker

  • Jamie Walker


Lisa Ayllon

  • Lisa Ayllon  

    Instructional Assistant

Myra Chambers

  • Myra Chambers  

    Instructional Assistant

Elizabeth Hicks

  • Elizabeth Hicks  

    Instructional Assistant

Golda McDaniel

  • Golda McDaniel  

    Instructional Assistant

Ron Sillmon

  • Ron Sillmon  

    Instructional Assistant

  • Destanie Sweeney, DCHS Assistant Principal

    New APWelcome to Mrs. Destanie Sweeney, Crockett's new assistant principal.  She is a David Crockett High School alumna who has lived in Johnson City and Jonesborough her whole life.  She graduated from Milligan University with her bachelor’s degree in English and has taught at DCHS for five years now.  Last year, she was Washington County’s nominee for Tennessee’s Aspiring Assistant Principal Network and will receive her master's in instructional leadership.  Outside of teaching, Mrs. Sweeney puts her family first, enjoying time at home with her husband and pets as well as visiting her parents and little sister.