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    The Washington County School Age Child Care Program (SACC) is a service that is provided to families with children attending kindergarten - 8th grade in a Washington County School.  SACC provides a safe quality care program where children have the opportunity to engage in activities before and after official school hours at a minimal cost to families in need of child care during this time.

    Children in SACC have opportunities to engage in activites that will benefit them emotionally, socially, physically, and educationally.  Students will engage in such creative learning centers such as homework help, arts, crafts, hands-on science projects, music, outside play, board games and much more.  This program meets the requirements of and is licensed by the Tennnessee Department of Education.

    Enrollment Information

    All forms regarding your child/chilren's registration must be completed and on file with SACC personnel at the school SACC site in order to be enrolled and attend the SACC Program.


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