Check out the galleries below to see some of the amazing work BCE students have already submitted this school year!

    I've been absolutely overwhelmed by the creativity & hard work everyone has been putting into their projects! Thank you!! If you have sent me a picture & you do not see it in any of the galleries below, please send it to me again as an email attachment/pdf.  Thank you!



    Check out this Toy Photography lesson from Art Teacher Jana Rheinheimer:Toy Toy Toy Toy Toy Toy Toy Toy Toy Toy Toy Toy If you try this lesson, please send me pics!



    Meet the incredibly talented & prolific Jason Flack, big brother to one of our very own BCE Bars, 5th grader Kelis (who happens to be an amazing Artist herself)! 


    I love, love, love his use of vibrant, bold colors, clean lines, & the sense of humor & awareness Jason incoporates into his work. This is the Artist statement he sent me:

    ”I have always been an Artist, but I started painting after the passing of my twin sister. Since then, I’ve been featured in many festivals, galleries and markets. All my work comes from how I see life or how I want life to be. My goal is to create so much Art, it spills-over into the culture here in our area.”

    Jason Jason Jason Jason Jason Jason Thank you, Jason, for sharing your amazing work with us!

  • Mike Mason, one of our very own BCE retired teachers-I’ve known for a while, in addition to teaching, he was an accomplished drummer and pilot- but I had no idea until recently he was a metal artist. His father was a pilot, as well, and left Mr. Mason a workshop full of interesting gadgets, gears, and various metal works which he began combining to create amazing pieces of Art. The surface coatings, or Patinas, on his work are developed using a wide variety of chemical reactions. 

    Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike

  • Dougherty


    So, this week I wanted to share one of my favorite artists, Patrick Dougherty. He is an Environmental Installation Artist who uses his carpentry, architectural and weaving skills to create monumental scale works of Art from natural materials. Dougherty has created Artwork all over the world - and even built a temporary piece on campus at ETSU!

    Dougherty Dougherty Dougherty Dougherty  Dougherty  Dougherty

    His work inspired me to start a little ropes course challenge/future lavender garden this week. Still a work in progress!





  • Thank you, thank you, thank you to our First Responders!!! Please consider writing a letter of support to these amazing individuals or sending them a piece of your Artwork! Details from Mr. Curtis Fulbright at CO below:

    First respond Fr


    How to draw...

    Try breaking a drawing down into parts & starting with simple, recognizable shapes 


  • Take a look at Art Teacher Pammy Pry’s challenge to make Earth Mandalas in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. Try using objects found in nature to create one of these beautiful radial designs.

    Mandala earth


  • Giacometti Giacometti

  • If you have chalk at home...


  • If you happen to have painters tape or masking tape at home...

    Painters tape


  • Try drawing a dragon’s eye

    Try drawing this dragon’s eye using pencil with crayons, colored pencils or oil pastels. While it looks complicated, it is actually drawn using very simple, basic shapes.

  • Lego Art Teacher Dawn Lynn’s students created radial mandalas from LEGOs!




  • Coffee


    From Art Teacher Phoebe Plaisted- painting with tea or coffee. I love this idea!

    Coffee Coffee

  • Look for these Amazing Art Teachers to follow online!Sketch Sparkle HUCassie



    Create a colorwheel from found objects at home. Email me your pics & we will post them!



    Beautiful job on your blends for your colorwheels, Allie & Cayden!!^

    Colorwheel Color wheel Colorwheel Color wheel

  • Just for Fun

    This Artist created these minimal graphics of movie/tv characters. See if you can guess who they are! Number one is The Simpson’s.


Great Books!


    SchoolCenter Picture  

     SchoolCenter Picture

     SchoolCenter Picture

    SchoolCenter Picture

  • Art teacher Carrie Fetterman had her students draw a cartoon expression for their pets 😁 If you give this a try, please send me pics!

    Pet expressions

  • So, one of my most favorite places in the world (besides the Art room) is my garden. And my most favorite place to order seeds from is Hudson Valley Seeds. Of course, I love that they have organic, heirloom seeds- but, what I love even more is the fact that they support Artists! Each seed packet has an original piece of Art on the cover- and they are currently calling for Artists for 2021! You all should go for it!


    My most recent order^


    Some of the winning Artists’ submissions for 2020:





    Try folding an origami swan. Any thin paper will work as long as it is square.


  • DIY Puffy Paint