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    School Motto:

    I am a Cherokee working to be the best that I can be!

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        Mrs. Lewis' Room #113

    Our Class Mission is to give our personal best in all that we do through responsibility and hard work so that we will become as independent as possible and enjoy our lives.


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    Please join us for our end of the year Aloha “Cruise Through” Celebration on Friday May 22nd.

    Times for our homeroom are as follows:

    3rd Grade- last names N-R at 5:30 pm

    4th Grade- last names E-G at 4:00 pm

    7th Grade- last names H-K at 4:30 pm

    7th Grade-    last names S-T at 6:00 pm

    8th Grade- All 8th graders at 7:00 pm

    **Students will receive all personal items left in their homerooms in addition to any awards, certificates, progress reports and grade cards at the times listed. PLEASE make arrangements to attend.**



    Aloha "Cruise Through" Friday May 22, 2020  

     Distance Learning Assignments:

    Assigned Date 

    Scholastic News

    Science Spin


    May 11, 2020


    Rescuing Reefs

    Read: Sunscreen vs Coral pg 2-3

    Complete: Watch Video about coral reef construction


    Response: One way to better understand an event is to identify its causes and effects. Make a cause and effect chart  to record some causes and effects described in “Sunscreen vs Coral”.


    Science-Human Impacts to Earth Systems

    Reading/ELA- Reading to improve fluency, develop vocabulary and identify Main Idea and Detail from a Non-Fiction Text, Constructing Explanations

     Crosscutting Concept: Cause & Effect

    May 11, 2020


    Rescuing Reefs

    Read: Re-Read Sunscreen vs Coral pg 2-3

    Complete: Coral Life Cycle Page 4  


    Science-Human Impacts to Earth Systems Reading/ELA- Reading to improve fluency, develop vocabulary and identify Main Idea and Detail from a Non-Fiction Text, Constructing Explanations Crosscutting Concept: Cause & Effect, Reading a Diagram

    May 18, 2020

     Sky’s The Limit


    Read: Reaching New Heights  pg 2-3

               Super Soaker pg 6

               Furry Friends pg 6

               Who will it be?  pg 7

    Complete: Time for Summer Fun pg 8 (6 questions), and Write About It- Your Opinion Counts! Write a 3-5 sentence paragraph about your opinion regarding which candidate will win the Presidential election and why. (Opinion writing-please make sure your statements are positive and kind and only about your candidate.

    Goals: Science-Technology and you  Reading/ELA- Reading to improve fluency, develop vocabulary and identify Main Idea and Detail from a Non-Fiction Text, Writing: Writing and Opinion response to a prompt Social Studies: US History, Online Technology and human interactions via the web, community outreach

     May 21, 2020



     Work Packets Due by 12:00 pm (Please drop off in drop off box at Lamar)


    Go to: Science Spin 3-6 or Scholastic News 5-6

    Click on Log In

    Click on Student

    Type in Classroom Code: lewisroom113



    In the upcoming days, I will be contacting families to check in with them. Please note that phone calls may appear as “Blocked Call,” “Confidential” or something similar, if you have call display. Please answer, it might be me calling! 

    • At this time, as your classroom teacher, I need to know if you: have internet access, a device able to access and complete assignments via the internet or if you will need paper copies dropped off or mailed to your child.

      Once the needs are determined, we will be doing a number of things:

      • Ensuring that students have the necessary logins and passwords to connect with classroom assignments and  resources
      • Ensuring that families are aware of the main learning resources available online at this time: Unique Learning, Benchmark Literacy, Science Spin, Scholastic News, iXL, Prodigy, etc.


    • For upcoming IEP meetings or 8th grade Transition Meetings:I will be contacting families by phone to discuss the scheduling of the ‘virtual’ meeting. We will meet via Google meet which can also be accessed by phone if you do not have access to the internet. All team members will be in attendance.


    • Subscribe to BAND text notifications system to receive up to date information from myself and our Related Arts teachers: To join our 'Mrs Lewis Room 113' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities!https://band.us/n/a4a834Nba6R5



    Printed work packets should be completed by May 21st


     Upcoming events:


    May 21- Work Packets Due by 2:00 pm (Please drop off in drop off box at Lamar)

    May 22 - Last Day of School -End of the year Aloha “Cruise Through” Celebration



    Call or Text me if you have any questions!



    My number is 423-444-0320










    I am a Cherokee working to be the best that I can be!




    The administration, faculty, and staff of Lamar School strive to meet the

    educational needs of all students enabling them to be responsible and productive citizens.



    Learning is a process which is cultivated through the collaborative

    efforts of the school, home, and community.








  • Belief Statement

                I believe as a teacher it is my duty to teach all students that enter my classroom.  I feel that every child has the right to receive an education.  I believe that all students can learn. As a teacher I must help teach the students to learn to their potential, or "personal best".  I also believe that my classroom needs to be a safe, inviting, comfortable place for all of our students. I believe the most important aspects of learning is for the student to feel included and valued. A successful inclusive classroom will include students with disabilities, different religions, and different ethnic or socioeconomic backgrounds. 

                I believe that by making necessary classroom accommodations, every student can benefit and learn.  By assuring students that they are valued and not isolated I will vary my inclusion process for a student with different abilities or strengths.  The world is a diverse place.  One of the ways learning can be enhanced is to embrace differences and incorporate them into the classroom. By including and valuing the contributions of students from diverse academic, physical, economic, ethnic or cultural backgrounds, the classroom will be a place that supports equality and diversity.      

      By promoting inclusion and diversity in the classroom, we can serve to prepare students for the world. Social development of all students will be enhanced by the daily interactions with students of diverse backgrounds, or abilities.Every student deserves to learn to the best of their ability.  I will do the best I can to embrace and enhance each student’s potential to learn. ~ Mrs. Lewis

  • Bio Statement

    Mrs. Lewis

    I am honored and privileged to be your child’s teacher this year! My name is Teresa Lewis, and I am very proud to be a part of such a wonderful school system.

    I earned my bachelor degree in elementary education at East Tennessee State University.  I then furthered my education at Tusculum College with a concentration in Special Education. I am currently working towards my Masters degree at Tusculum. Throughout my life I have been very fortunate to have had immeasurable learning opportunities and experiences during my educational studies. I was able to work with so many excellent mentors and advisors throughout my educational career from several local schools. They have helped me to get to where I am today, and for that I am eternally grateful.

    I am a lifelong resident of Washington County Tennessee. As an alumnus of West View and David Crockett, I have been provided with opportunities to watch, learn from, observe, and work with some AMAZING teachers growing from a young child into an adult in the field of education. In addition to my family, I have life-long relationships with many wonderful teachers that helped shape me into the person I am today. 

    I am married to Terry Lewis and we have three children Ryan (a Senior studying Biology at ETSU),  Morgan (a 10th grader at DCHS), and 5 year old Alyssa (a Kindergarden student at Lamar).  We have two dogs Penny and Tucker.

    I love to read and I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family.

    I'm excited to see how your child will grow academically this year!

    ~ Mrs. Lewis