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  •                      Mrs./Coach Moody


    Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

    My name is Tammy Moody, and I am the Physical Education teacher at Lamar Elementary School.  Go Cherokees!  This is my twenty-first year of pedagogy experience!  You can contact me by sending an email to moodyt@wcde.org or by phone at (423) 753-1130.  My availability times vary daily to accomodate the school schedule, so please call for a face-to-face meeting for an appointment if necessary.  I will be more than happy to speak with you as soon as possible.  



     Aim:  IMPACT LIVES!

    Expectations:  To maintain a classroom environment where forgiveness, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, respect and                              victory are all upheld.

    Personal Philosophy:  Be fit for life!  (One day, the only thing that will matter is your health and Spirit!)

    Physical Education Classroom Rules:  Posted for all students in the gym and discussed over orientation days at the beginning of the school year or on an individual basis as new students arrive.

    Consequences:  Any of the following may be used:  Time Out (brief or extended), yellow slip (grades 7 & 8), office referral, note or phone call home, homeroom teacher informed.

    Grading:  Students receive a grade of E (Excellent), S (Satisfactory) or N (Needs to Improve) each nine weeks.  The criteria for each is distributed to the student at the beginning of the school year to be signed off on by the parent/guardian or on an individual basis for new students that transfer after the start of school.












    Family:  Married, all my life (lol), with two amazing young adult children! 

    Hobbies/Interests:  Gardening, bike riding and martial arts!






    I am a Cherokee working to be the best that I can be!




    The administration, faculty, and staff of Lamar School strive to meet the

    educational needs of all students enabling them to be responsible and productive citizens.



    Learning is a process which is cultivated through the collaborative

    efforts of the school, home, and community.