• Update!! Ms. Denise Cox is now Mrs. Denise Hill. 


    Mrs. Hill's Mission Statement

    To instill confidence in my students' abilities by using engaging and exciting lessons that foster a love of learning.

    Professional Objectives:

    •   Provide student-centered instructional supports based on real-time data
    •  Create a personalized learning environment for all students during a designated intervention time 
    •  Provide strategic instructional activities that are specific to the identified skill deficit area(s)
    •  Use technology to assess students in real time with formative and summative assessments
    • Provide prescriptive feedback to students for self-monitoring to improve skill deficit area(s)


  • If your child receives Intervention services from me, he/she should have received an invitation to my Google Classroom in his/her student email. Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.


    Please check out my favortie web-sites for free resources to use at home. Also, feel free to contact me if you have questions or you need assistance in any way. I am certified in all subjects in grades 1-8 with experience in Kindergarten Intervention. 

  • Welcome to my web site!

    I am Denise Hill. Stephanie Haga and I are Lamar School's Interventionists in

    Reading/Writing/Mathematics. We will be working with the faculty, using data to identify

    students in need of small-group, skills-based, focused instruction. We will also be

    working with small groups of students who have academic deficits.

    In these small groups, we will provide personalized

    instruction, set student goals, and conference with students as we

    work together to reach these goals. 

  • Here are a few ways parents can support what their child is doing in school:

    • Make reading an everyday habit a home; Monitor and assist with homework assignments 


    • Communicate with your child's teacher; Share your child's successes


    • Learn more about the curricula and interventions being used in your child's school


    • Attend parent/teacher conferences and other school meeting about your child


  •  MOTTO

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    I am a Cherokee working to be the best that I can be!

     LAMAR SCHOOL MISSION STATEMENT: The administration, faculty, and staff of Lamar School strive to meet the educational needs of all students enabling them to be responsible and productive citizens.

    VISION STATEMENT: Learning is a process which is cultivated through the collaborative efforts of the school, home, and community.

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