• Title I Schoolwide Program Status

         Based upon the percentage of the student population eligible for free or reduced lunches, most Washington County schools qualify for Title I schoolwide program status.  A schoolwide Title I program has the advantage of using Title I funds across all programs in the building, rather than targeting funds to certain students.

         Currently Washington County has 12 Title I schools, all of which qualify for schoolwide programs.  The schools are:   Boones Creek Elementary, Boones Creek Middle, David Crockett High, Fall Branch, Gray, Grandview, Jonesborough Elementary, Jonesborough Middle, Lamar, South Central, Sulphur Springs, and West View.

         Each school plans for the use of Title I funds, which must be approved annually at the local level.  The plan must meet the individual needs of the school and is decided upon by a council which must include parent input.

         Additionally, all Title I schoolwide schools must hold an annual meeting which parents are invited to attend and provide program input; the following items must be discussed:

    • Title I programs and activities carried out with Title I funds
    • Title I family involvement policy
    • Curriculum available under Title I
    • Academic Assessments
    • Family-Student-School Compact

         Questions about Title I and schoolwide programs should be directed to the school principal or the Office of Federal Projects at 423-753-1106.