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    Welcome to 5th Grade 
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    New Virtual Learning Expectations

    Please Read ASAP

    Students return to virtual learning on Tuesday, January 5th, 2021


    2021 Full Virtual Expectations and Guidelines 

    1. Students in grades Kindergarten through Eighth grade will be expected to participate in live, synchronous remote instruction each class period with their teachers while attending school fully remote schedule. PreK students will work with their teachers on virtual requirements. 

    2. Virtual synchronous instruction can be defined as a two-way, real-time instruction between teachers and students through computers or other electronic devices. Washington County Schools has made this decision in order to increase student engagement while students are on a virtual schedule. Virtual instruction will continue when students return on January 5, 2021. All students will complete their required assignments by the due date that teacher’s assign. All exceptions will be discussed between student, parent, teacher, and principal. 

    3. Attendance will be taken each class period based on your child’s attendance in the live Google Meet sessions with the teacher. If your child is unable to participate in synchronous instruction due to a hardship (technology or internet issues, young children in the home, etc.), please contact your child’s teacher to develop an alternate plan. This plan must be approved by school principal. All students are required to attend on January 5, 2021. Teachers will provide all information needed by December 19, 2020. 

    4. Hardship documentation must be completed and on file for any student who cannot participate in live synchronous remote instruction. Failure to follow this procedure may result in unexcused absences.

    5. For virtual synchronous instruction, your child will be expected to login at the beginning of each class period 

    6. Teachers will provide at least thirty minutes of direct instruction each class period for students before releasing students to complete independent practice, but teachers may provide additional time of direct instruction. Teachers will provide time for small group instruction. 

    Student Expectations 

    1. Students are expected to log on the Google Meet 5 minutes before scheduled time. 2. Students are expected to log on to the Google Meet muted but with video on. 

    3. Students are expected to show their face on the screen to engage with the teacher virtually. Students may use the background features provided in the Google Meet (blur, beach, fireworks, etc.) if they want to hide their background in the video. 

    4. Students are expected to remain on the Google Meet until released by their teacher.

    5. Students are expected to follow Washington County dress code. 

    6. Students will be sitting in a seat during the Google Meet, not lying down. 

    7. Students should be ready to engage and learn following the daily bell schedule. 

    8. Students will participate in class activities, discussions, and assignments 

    9. Students are expected to follow the Student Code of Conduct and all policies and procedures outlined in the Elementary and Middle Student Handbook 

    Students should follow these daily expectations throughout the school week. If your child cannot participate due to illness, doctor’s appointment, etc., please follow normal attendance reporting procedures by sending doctor’s excuses and/or parent notes to the attendance clerk at your child’s school. Parents may use up to five parent notes during a school year. Each parent note will excuse one day of absence. If you have additional questions concerning attendance procedures or synchronous instruction, please contact your school principal for more information.


    Remember our school motto:  Roaring Into the Future!  So let's continue to "ROAR" with our learning! 


Important Notes & Reminders:

  • NOTES: 

     Students return to virtual learning on January 5th!


    Our Google Meet links can be found in the Google Classroom banner (top of the page).   
    Very Important:  Please read the new virtual 
      learning expectations.


    Please be sure to sign up for JMS Band and 5th Grade Band.  The links for band can be found on the JMS Homepage.

    Resources to help navigate technology: 

    Link for Google Classroom Guide

    Link for Student/Parent Tutorials



    Daily Class Schedule

     for Mrs. May's Homeroom


    **7:50-9:25**  ELA Block– Tolley’s Homeroom 

    **9:30-10:15**  RTI with Homeroom Teacher

    **10:20-11:05 Related Arts (5th Grade Teacher's Planning)

      **11:10-11:35** Lunch

    **11:40-1:05** Math with Ms. Hobbs

      **1:10-2:00 **  Science with Mr. Grant

     **2:05-2:50** Social Studies with Ms. Wilson


    Related Arts Schedule


    Monday:   Library 

    Tuesday:  Music

    Wednesday: Gym

    Thursday: Gym

    Friday:  Art


    5th Grade

    Related Arts Google Classroom Codes:

    Music w5ahs6g

    Art csp5i3s

    Library/Counseling pdpzl5h

    PE q4qatm5




Contact Mrs. May

  • Contact Mrs. May by email at mays@wcde.org

    or during planning (10:20-11:00) at 423.753.1190.

  • Learn more about the EPIC Program

Classroom Information and Notes


    **Reading Logs: Students are required to read 25 books. Each student has a reading log and is required to document their reading times.  Please make sure you check your child's log and sign it. Thank you!

    **Dear Family Members, Your student is given time to work on assignments in class. If students do use the time wisely, then they do not have a great deal of work to take home. Encourage your child to stay on task and complete assignments at school.

    **Please make sure your child knows what they need to do in case of an early dismissal due to inclement weather. Inform the school office or myself of any changes that need to be made to the early dismissal form that was filled out at the beginning of the year! Our school office # is 753-1190

    **Usage of Cell Phones** The use of a cell phone is not permitted during the school day. All cell phones should be turned off upon entering the school.


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