• Mr. Holley's Music Class


    Friday, May 15


    Try the "Epic Soundtrack" 

    Listen to each segment then create a story to go with each one.  It's very fun hearing the different backgrounds with the story that you create!


    Thursday, May 14


    Check out "interactive instruments" on today's quavermusic assignment.  There are three different settings/instruments that you can make music with with this activity.


    Wednesday, May 13


    There are three quaverbooks in today's assignment with very interesting information and activities about heavy metal, hip-hop, and disco.  Check them out!


    Tuesday, May 12

    Here are some other activities from Quaver Creatives.  Today's assignment is marked as More Creatives.



    Monday, May 11


    Check out the activities where you can compose may different beats and songs with Quaver Creatives.






    We will now be doing music lessons and activities through QuaverMusic.com. Use the link above to visit the website. Once you're there, you'll need to sign up to log in. The website is free!  Please message me if you have any questions.  I will add new lessons to the assignment list each day.


    Class Code - C28QW



    5th grade - Don't forget to watch the "Be Part of the Band" videos and begin thinking about what instrument you may want to play next year.  


    When you begin 6th grade you will have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument in the school band.  These videos will help you to learn more about the instruments that you could choose to play.



    This video gives examples of all of the instruments of the band.  Watch each one and see which one you like best!