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    Weekly assignments are listed below by grade level. If applicable, please complete and submit.


    Assignments for Week of: April 6-10, 2020 

    •  MONDAY 4/6: Readworks.org- Log-on to the website with your class code and password. Then, please read the passage and complete the questions before submitting. 

    5th Grade: Got Allergies?                                 Class Code: 2KD436          Password:1234 FOR EVERY GROUP

    6th Grade: A Good Night                                Class Code: KPUHFL

    7th Grade: Self Help                                       Class Code: AZHX4K

    8th Grade: Sugar Added                                 Class Code: D4HKUD


    • Tuesday 4/7 and Wednesday 4/8: EPIC! Books - getepic.com : Log-on to the website and then type in our class code: zxk6062. You will then be prompted to select your name.
    • You have been assigned a book collection by grade level. 

    5th Grade: "The Boy Who Painted Nature" - A read-to-me book!

    6th Grade: "Baseball Saved Us" - A read-to-me book!

    7th Grade: Biographies Collection

    8th Grade: Biographies Collection 

    • Thursday 4/9: Quill.org - Type in the link beside your grade level and finish creating your account. You will then find your first assignment.
    •  Assignment for EACH grade level: "Present Progressive Tense Practice"

    5th Grade: quill.org/join/drive-rise     

    6th Grade: quill.org/join/touch-lip      

    7th Grade: quill.org/join/flock-actor

    8th Grade: quill.org/join/phase-comfort

    • Friday 4/10:  wordplays.com/boggle- See how many words that you can create! 


  • Please e-mail me with any questions or concerns!

    E-mail: washingtonj@wcde.org

    Phone: 753-1190