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    Weekly assignments are listed below by grade level. If applicable, please complete and submit.


    Assignments for Week of: May 11-15, 2020 

    •  MONDAY 5/11: Readworks.org- Log-on to the website with your class code and password. Then, please read the passage and complete the questions before submitting. 
      THIS IS CATCH UP DAY! Please complete any prior ReadWorks assignment. Including the assignment posted below. 

    5th Grade: Wild About Birds                            Class Code: 2KD436          Password:1234 FOR EVERY GROUP

    6th Grade: Cicadas: No Ordinary Bugs          Class Code: KPUHFL

    7th Grade: Spinning Thunderstorms             Class Code: AZHX4K

    8th Grade: Human Microbiome                      Class Code: D4HKUD


    • Tuesday 5/12 and Wednesday 5/13: EPIC! Books - getepic.com : Log-on to the website and then type in our class code: zxk6062. You will then be prompted to select your name.
    • FREE READ! After logging in, select the book of your choice to read! After reading a book of your choice each day, please let me know what you've learned in a quick e-mail! List 3-5 new facts that you learned just by reading the book of choice. washingtonj@wcde.org

    5th Grade: Free Read + E-Mail

    6th Grade: Free Read + E-Mail

    7th Grade: Free Read + E-Mail

    8th Grade: Free Read + E-Mail

    • Thursday 5/14: Quill.org - Type in the link beside your grade level and finish creating your account. You will then find your first assignment.
    •  Assignment for EACH grade level: Please complete any activity that hasn't been completed.

    5th Grade: quill.org/join/drive-rise     

    6th Grade: quill.org/join/touch-lip      

    7th Grade: quill.org/join/flock-actor

    8th Grade: quill.org/join/phase-comfort

    • Friday 5/15: https://www.wordplays.com/boggle#anchor 

    Work on finding as many words as possible! If you're becoming a professional, make it more challenging!  

  • Please e-mail me with any questions or concerns!

    E-mail: washingtonj@wcde.org

    Phone: 753-1190