• Incoming Kindergarten Students

    On this page you will find website links with helpful advice for the parents of our incoming Kindergarten students.  This will help you in working with your child to be better prepared for school when they enter Kindergarten.  Any additional information will be posted on this page as well.  I invite feedback and other additional webpages you may have to help other parents.  Please e-mail this information to notoj@wcde.org.





    LINKS (click on subjects below to access websites)
    Video about teaching your child to use scissors with Kathy Moore  

    Being able to use scissors is a good benchmark for measuring fine motor skill development in your child.  These simple instructions will help you teach your children how to safely use scissors.

    Shape art printouts  
    These fun printouts will amuse your child as he or she explores how smaller shapes make up a whole picture.
    Enchanted Learning
    This site has free worksheets that parents can access and print that are designed to capture the imagination while maximizing creativity, learning, and enjoyment.
    Scissors Skills
    This site has printable worksheets to help children with scissors skills.
    Pencil Grasp   SchoolCenter Picture
    Illustrations of how to teach a child to hold a pencil 

  • Keep checking back for more links.