PLEASE communicate with me through ClassDojo or e-mail. My e-mail is clabought@wcde.org.


    A packet was mailed home on March 17, 2020. In this packet, there are a list of classroom assignments and options to complete. The expectation is that work will still have to be completed and sent back to school once school is back in session. Grades will be taken on these assignments. Daily assignments will be sent home through ClassDojo. If you have questions about these assignments, please reach out to me.


    Useful links that you may use or that are required for assignments sent home:


    Log on to:    getepic.com/students 

    Classroom code:    vwc2086

    Select student's name

    To access your assignment click on "Mailbox" in the right hand corner.


    Log on to: www.ixl.com

    username is first initial and last name (example: tclabough)

    password: wcde

    The student may complete the assignments with yellow stars beside them for Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. These may not correspond with your grade level based on the assignments/instructional level of your child. I will send out on ClassDojo a specific list of skills that your child should be completing. 


    Log on to: www.splashlearn.com/login

    click "class"

    class code is:  YJRYUM

    Select your profile

    password: wcde

    Assignments are then listed for your child to complete that we have already learned that they may practice. 

    Other resources that may be used to supplement instruction or fun activities: 


    brainpopjr.com         Username: jestigers

                                   Password: jestigers1
    Again, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!!
    Thanks for your cooperation!
    Taylor Clabough