Built in a pastoral setting in 1971, Boones Creek Elementary School originally was surrounded only by fields, a few houses and barns, and a nearby church; however, the designation of an adjacent highway as an Interstate roadway and the ensuing annexation of adjoining land by the city government have led to an explosion of commercial and industrial growth in the area during the last five years. Instead of crops and grazing cattle, the school is now bordered by restaurants, service stations, hotels and condominiums, resulting in an increasingly urban environment for its setting.

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    Other Information About The School:

    Boones Creek Elementary School currently serves a student population of approximately 490 students in grades K-4, as well as a Head Start classroom.  Boones Creek Elementary School offers an extensive curriculum to meet the varied educational needs of the students. Curriculum decision-making procedures involve input from the principal, teachers, parents, students, central office personnel, and local and state Boards of Education. 

    During the seven-hour school day, students not only receive instruction in the content areas such as reading, math, English, spelling, writing, science and social studies, but also have the benefit of programs in the related arts areas of art, music, library, and physical education. The students' day includes a nutritious lunch served in a modern cafeteria. Recently updated playground equipment provides an enjoyable atmosphere for free play and socialization. The school also offers child care services before and after school, as well as during the summer, for paying students.

    The school staff, consisting of the principal, assistant principal, 40 teachers, 2 intervention specialists, and 10 instructional assistants, offers a wide varies of expertise to enhance students' learning. Support personnel include a secretary, a bookkeeper, eight cafeteria workers, one full-time custodian and three part-time custodians. During the last ten years, staff improvements have included the employment of a full-time guidance counselor, consultant part-time speech/language pathologists, and a specialist in deaf education. The school offers an average pupil to teacher ratio of twenty to one. The commitment of the faculty members to their chosen field is demonstrated by the fact that the majority holds advanced degrees.

    The school's PTO provides invaluable support to both the students and teachers through numerous activities. Other organizations which encourage and support the school include area churches, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and several sports groups which provide opportunities for the students. The school's high standards have resulted in continuing accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools since 1982.

    Boones Creek Elementary School offers a before and after-school extended care service. The school takes pride in specializing in the care and education of the young child.