Mrs. Heglar's  Classroom
               Practice the laminated sight and no excuse words in folders. 
                Give spelling tests, Use them correctly in writing.
                            School is GREAT!!!
          Play is the brain's favorite way of learning.
         Remember to read with your child every day to ensure success. As students begin to read, have them help you "forget" the sight words and ask for help. The only way to become better at reading is to practice.
         If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at: heglarc@wcde.org.  It may take me a day to return an answer since we are on the go, go, go all day, but I will send a reply. If there are only a few papers in your child's folder on any given day please do not think we are not working. Some days we will use dry erase boards and markers, math mats, or games to help cement some of our skills.