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     I would like to welcome you to our counseling website where we are striving to

    BEE Our Best

    I hope you will find many useful resourses to help you and your children.



    Mission Statement

    As the School Counselor, I will provide educational support for all students

    by encouraging and facilitating their academic, personal/social and career development. 

         I believe that:

    • all students can achieve
    • all students have dignity and worth
    • all students need, deserve and must be provided a quality education
    • student needs, deserve and must be provided the support and guidance of caring, knowledgeable and skilled adults throughout their educational experience in order to assure success
    • quality comprehensive school counseling programs are vital to the overall success of all students, schools and communities



    Elementary School Counselors help children...

    Understand themselves and develop a positive self-image

    Show respect for the feelings of others

    Understand the decision-making process

    Maintain effective relationships with peers and adults

    Gain an understanding of the world of work

    Develop effective study skills

    Be prepared to make the transition to middle school