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    My husband and I have two beautiful twin boys that are four years old. We enjoy spending time together and being outside. I have two wonderful loving parents, one younger brother, and one younger sister.

    My educational background in special education. I obtained my Masters in Instructional Leadership in July of 2017 from Lincoln Memorial University. I will successfully receive my E.Ds. in Curriculum and Instruction in July of 2018.

    I was born and raised in Washington County. I love my rolling green hills framed against the tall mountains. I went to two Washington County Schools in my childhood. I then attended East Tennessee State University. I majored in Special Education K-12. As soon as I graduated I interviewed for a job in Washington County. I got my first teaching job at Boones Creek Middle School in CDC/Extended Resource. I taught there for six years. Washington County is near and dear to my heart and I love working here.

    In my work at Boone’s Creek Middle School, I focused on ensuring that the learning needs of all students were met. I have consistently collaborated with administrators, general education teachers, parents, related service providers, and central office staff to ensure that my students have the best educational experience.

    As an administrator, I believe that every student can learn. I believe it is not the teachers job to teach, but to ensure learning. I believe that we must be direct and systematic in our approach to instruction, differentiation, and progress monitoring. I believe in serving and supporting my teachers. I plan to delegate responsibility to create a culture that cultivates leaders. I believe in creating professional learning communities to continue our learning mindset as teachers. I believe in having a growth mindset for students and teachers. I believe that everyone is equal and should be treated with respect. I believe that the child is always the number one priority.