School Closure On Line Assignments

School Information Letter

  • Dear Families,

         Due to recent school closures we are working to create daily lessons through our online format. We will be posting daily assignments on our classroom websites. These are found on the Gray School Homepage under the "Teachers Pages" tab. (

         Our expectations are that students will access these assignments and complete them daily. Our plan is to grade student work upon return to school. If there are any connection issues, please make a reasonable effort to contact your child's teacher immediatley. You can connect with your child's teacher through their main form of communication that has been used this year, either Band or e-mail.



         Reading 20+ minutes a day

         Practice basic math facts


    Thank you for you patience and understanding as we tackle the unprecedented time in our country.

    Stay healthy and safe and let us know if there is anything you need!

    Gray School Faculty and Staff

  • Hello First Grade Families,

    Below you will find the first grade expectations during the school closure. Please note that student work/assignments will be graded upon return to school. Students work will be due upon the first day back to school. We recommend using a spiral notenook or pocket folder to collect/keep assignments in one place during this time. This will make for easy access and return. Please be sure to date all of your child's work and make sure their name is on any loose papers. Keep the process simple to keep up with at this time.

    Daily assignments will be posted on a weekly basis. All assignments can be found at the bottom of this page as you scroll down.

    Remember to do the following:

    • March Reading Logs are to be completed as usual
    • Start a new April Reading Log on Notebook paper
    • Read daily 20 + minutes, this will help keep your child current and ready for 2nd grade. We do not want a Summer slide in Spring! :)


    Ideas and things to work on

    • addition to 20
    • subtration to 20
    • counting to 120 from any number
    • skip count 2s, 5s, 10s
    • ordering numbers
    • greater than and less than
    • adding 2 digit numbers no regrouping
    • subtracting 2 digit numbers no regrouping

    Usefull Links to go to as well to practice skills: Also check my Websites for Kids link

    • is offering a free membership (code SCHOOL7771)
    • bookflix
    • Khan Academy (set up your own account it is free)