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    This year has been different to say the least.  I am grateful for the memories and time that we shared.  I have seen you all grow physically and intelligentiallly.  Know that you are a part of history, this will be something that will be talked about for the rest of your lives.  I hope that you have been able to take advantage of the extra time with your families.  Keep learning and keep reading.  I am excited to see your sweet faces Monday at 1.  You can click on this link https://meet.google.com/xjv-ijqv-bvm or even type it in the browser.  Our pickup time for your items is Friday at 3, we hope to see you then too.  Have a safe summer and keep reading!


    6th grade Google meet---click on this link


    There is also an extension you can download so that you can see eveyone on a grid, but it isn't essential--Google Extension


    Thank you all for working so hard during this crazy time.  I have enjoyed your essays!  Here are a couple pictures from Willow's birthday last week.  We celebrated with a trip to the drive through zoo (Briarwood), had a birthday parade.  It is hard to not be able to see friends and family, but we have been soaking up the family time.


    Willow waiting for her parade Willow petting the goats Scary guy came to our car.

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