• Fall Branch is only 15 miles from Jonesborough, Tennessee's oldest town; and 20 miles from Greeneville, home of President Andrew Johnson. To the west of Fall Branch is beautiful Chimney Top Mountain towering above the surrounding countryside. Fall Branch gets its name from the many springs of cold water that feed the winding creeks running through the community. The history of the first school in Fall Branch dates back to 1842. The school was so well known that students came from other counties and states to attend. The brick school building was destroyed by fire after the close of the Civil War, and school was held in nearby churches. In 1889, a four-room building was constructed to accommodate the students. In 1907, Fall Branch was designated a county high school. The building was modernized in 1938-39 with the addition of steam heat and electric lights. Several new buses were purchased at this time. Later in 1943-49 a cafeteria, restrooms, and several classrooms were added. It wasn't until 1958-59 that a gym was built. With school consolidation in 1971, Fall Branch High School became a K-8 elementary/middle school. In 1994, renovations were made to improve handicap accessibility and to remodel the auditorium. These were completed in the fall of 1995. Renovations did not stop there! In 1995, the gym floor was refurbished and new electric bleachers were added. In addition, all restrooms were remodeled. In 2003, the steam heat was replaced with a geothermal heating and cooling system.