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  • The Transportation Department of Washington County Schools is tasked with meeting the pupil transportation needs within the county. The department supervisor, with assistance from the Central Office staff and a routing software package, has streamlined bus routes for more efficient use of personnel and equipment. Approximately 7,000 students are transported to and from schools daily by 82 conventional buses and 22 special vehicles, eleven of which are equipped with wheelchair lifts.

    In addition, the Department of Education has ten vans which are assigned to schools. Over 150 vehicles belonging to the Department of Education are repaired, serviced, and inspected by trained, qualified, and experienced mechanics.

    All buses of the Washington County Department of Transportation must pass an annual inspection by a team from the Tennessee Department of Safety. Each driver attends a safety training clinic annually and receives at least one physical examination each year. Each driver must have a Certified Driver license endorsement as mandated by the state. Before being hired, each driver is required to have forty hours of hands-on training and experience in vehicle operation. Buses of the Washington County fleet exceed the state regulations and standards for pupil transportation and our transportation system ranks with the best in Tennessee in safety and efficiency. We have an excellent transportation department; the State Department of Education and the Tennessee Department of Highway Safety have recognized and honored this system’s efforts to insure that students in Washington County are transported in a safe and responsible manner. All buses are equipped with surveillance cameras and buzzer systems which ensure all vehicles are checked at the end of each route.

    Providing pupil transportation in Tennessee schools is not mandated by law but is provided as a service in accordance with Board policy. A partial reimbursement of cost is made by the State based on the average number of students transported a distance beyond one and one-half miles from the school attended.

    Parents or guardians of students who receive pupil transportation services are required to sign a form to demonstrate awareness of policies relating to student behavior. The Student handbook outlines disciplinary procedures for infractions and provides guidance for the safe, responsible transportation of students.

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