•  The DCHS Math Dept offers free tutoring before and after school to all students. All math teachers will tutor any student, even if the student is not currently assigned to them. However, we encourage students to tutor with their assigned teacher, but again, this is not mandatory.

    It is normal for students to need regular tutoring about 2~3 times per week.  Many times student wait until they are too far behind for tutoring to be efective.  Be pro-active about your education and seek help the moment you need it.  If you are active in afterschool sports you coach understands there will be days. regardless of your current grade that you may need additional help from time to time.  You may request a pass at the end of your tutoring sessions to show proof to your coach that you were indeed in tutoring.

    Parents, please help us help you child suceede.  Studies have show that students do better when parents are involved.  You can get access to "Parent Connect" for free if you come by DCHS to get your access codes.  This program let's you check on all assignment, and grades of all of your child's classes while enrolled in the Washington County School District.

    Pearson's success net, our textbook company, has many videos, quizes and other aids to help you out.

    Contact me via e-mail anytime about anything! tolliverb@wcde.org 



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  • If you find math intimidating or confusing you are not alone.  I understand the frustration factor that math can bring.  When you "don't get it" just say so; you are not the only one.  My goal is to help you be successful in mathematics.


    What does this airplane have to do with leaning math?  Learning to fly is complex and mentally challenging.  Pilots spend many hours in ground school, studying textbooks and many hour more hours actually flying.  Practice makes perfect, but imperfect practice can kill the pilot, passengers and people on the ground.  Just like improper practices in math can kill your grade.  When you do your homework/assignments you are practicing.  Most people can not learn math without practice.  Some people take longer to learn to fly than others.  Likewise, many students will need to work extra problems to help them master the required skills



  • All students need to have a PENCIL (with eraser), NOTEBOOK and HOMEWORK  ASSIGNMENT each and every day of class!  Don't be a leach, bring your own supplies!

    Math is a complex and challenging course; therefore LISTEN, do not talk with your neighbors during instruction time.  Ask questions when you have them, and listen to the questions of others!  Their questions maybe the same one you, or your classmate has!

    Homework is IMPORTANT and NECESSARY in math class.  It is not assigned as busy work.  Many times the lesson looks easy when the teacher is doing it.  However, when you get home, by yourself, you become confused.  This is NORMAL.  Get out your notes and re-write them, in your own words, to teach yourself...the same lesson next week or month, when it is not fresh in your head!  If that doesn't work, check your textbook.  Try rewriting the example in your own hand, often times that is what it takes to make the magic happen, (understanding)! Check the math textbook help site, re-watch the class videos, call a smart friend.  Sometimes two minds are better than one.

    How to do the minimum work and get the best grade:

    In other words....How to Study Smart instead of studying hard.

     First, do ALL your homework, (yeah, all of it, you didn't think it would be THAT easy did you?).  Second, check all your homework answers in class and mark the ones you missed, making sure you now know what you did wrong.  Ask for help if you need it.  Third, keep a special notebook of examples of problems you missed (and how to do it correctly).  Fourth, look at these EVERY night and re-do them until you really know them.  Fifth, glance over all work regularly so it stays fresh.  You should now be more prepared then ever for any test I throw at you!

  • How to get better grades on math test then you ever have before!


    That's right! Time permitting, if you do each problem a second time WITHOUT LOOKING AT WHAT YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE, most likely you will not make the same simple mistakes twice, like dropping a sign (+) or (-), or some other goof.  If you do this for each test, you can pick up enough points throughout the semester that may make the difference of one or two letter grades!

    TUTORING is offered before/after school on most school days. You can go to any math teacher for tutoring, even if you are not in that teacher's math class. Just check with the teacher, confirm their availability.

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