Maintenance and Facilities

  • School maintenance is a major concern of the Director of Schools and the Board of Education. Washington County students must be provided with a safe, healthy, and comfortable learning environment.

    School maintenance is a two-step process; immediate needs must be met on a day-to-day basis, and long-range planning must be implemented. Both should be designed with preventive maintenance in mind. All work completed should be directed toward reducing future problems and increasing present comfort and safety. Deferred maintenance almost always costs more money eventually than if repairs are made at the time needed. All buildings and equipment need maintenance; if physical facilities are not maintained on a regular, timely basis it is more expensive over time. Preventative maintenance is cost effective.

    The Washington County School System has 15 school sites and several support service locations resulting in a combined total of over a million square feet, 250 acres, and a total of over 40 individual buildings to be maintained. Efforts have been directed toward improvements in areas of greatest need on a priority basis. Daily emergencies are met with as little interruption to routine school operation as possible.

    The maintenance director’s current approach to facility maintenance is to concentrate on specific priorities and to assign a major portion of the staff to a designated location, therefore keeping buildings up to an optimal level of appearance, utilization, and safety. Efforts are made to minimize travel for parts and equipment by maintaining an operational supply inventory. Bid invitations are required for expensive items in accord with sound financial practices. All of these efforts are designed to offer more service at less cost through careful budget management.


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