¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español!

Dr. Jan M. Zuehlke

Phone: 423-477-1600


Degrees and Certifications:

University of Tennessee - Bachelor of Arts [Spanish & World Business w/ Minor in Portuguese] Milligan College -Master of Education -Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership

Dr. Jan M. Zuehlke

My vision is to encourage and inspire students to use the Spanish language and cultural skills acquired in class to become future architects of social and cultural bridges in the society they choose to live in.

This is my sixth year teaching Spanish at Daniel Boone.  Before becoming a teacher I was a Senior Marketing Representative in the business world.  I traveled all over the world with my career establishing new markets and maintaining relationships for various companies.  I have traveled to Mexico, Asia, Europe and Latin America.  During my numerous international travels, I had the chance to immerse myself in their cultures and languages.  Sharing my experiences with students provides them the chance to understand the imporatnce of langauges and cultures around the world.

Who is Dr. Zuehlke?

  • Married to Jonathan for 17 years : ) (Wisconsin native)
  • Mom of two terrific boys Zachary and Emory.
  • Loves to cook and read cookbooks.
  • Favorite type of movies action and romance (no scary movies).
  • I'm a life long learner which means I enjoy reading, attending workshops and conferences to learn or teach others new skills.
  • I have 3 fat cats (Rexy, Shadow, and Patches) and one cute golden retriever named Honey.
  • I enjoy watching my boys play sports.
  • Board games can become competitive in our house and I've been known to try my hand at a few video games.
  • I like to try growing exotic tropical plants.




    • Folder or binder (must be a 3-pronged folder or 3-ring binder)
    • Pencil/pen
    • Notebook paper
    • Spanish dictionary (optional - one provided in classroom as needed



    • School email
    • Canvas login and password
    • Quizlet Account (create for free www.quizlet.com)

    *Logins and passwords are student responsibility



  • PowerSchool is updated on a weekly basis.  It is your responsibility to check your progress online.

    If you need an account be sure to visit the office.


  • Spanish is your ticket to the world.  When you speak a different language, you can travel to places you have only read about, the globe becomes your job market, and you can communicate with people whose lives are completely different from yours!  Together, we will journey through lots of vocabulary and grammar topics, take a pause at interesting cultural places, and SPEAK, READ, and WRITE lots of Spanish!

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