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  • The annual operating budget of the Washington County schools is estimated at over 70 million dollars. The per pupil expenditure is approximately $6,500. The Accounting Department has the task of maintaining the effective financial operation of the school system.

    The Director of Finance is responsible for the technical preparation, supervision, and regulation of the general budget to include all financial operations affecting the school system. In addition to departmental supervision, other responsibilities include providing budget information to the Director of Schools and staff members as needed, writing accounts payable checks, keeping records on all federal projects, taking in funds, and making deposits with the trustee. Responsible management of the Accounting Department includes completing social security, unemployment, and other quarterly reports, and providing auditors with information needed to compile an annual audit report.

    Department Staff write over a thousand payroll checks per month. Other job responsibilities include assisting new employees in obtaining personnel information, compiling training and experience data, preparing retirement and sick leave reports for the State, assisting employees in completing retirement applications, preparing a salary schedule, and estimating all salary line items for the budget.

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