• Melinda Carr, Foundational Skills Academic Specialist

    (PreK - 2nd grade)


    Alice Ann Smith, Elementary Math Specialist

    (PreK-8th grade)


  • starAll WCDE ELA K-5 teachers should register for the Early Reading Training. It is available as an online, asynchronous learning experience through Best for All Central. Click here for access to the course.  Once you complete the course and take the test, please forward the certificate to Barbara Hunt for 6 hours of Professional Development credit.  If you have already completed this training, please disregard this information. 

    Teachers use their school email address at the end of each lesson. Single Sign-On credentials will only be needed for the summative assessment and are specific to the person completing the assessment.

    If individuals require assistance with their Single Sign-On login, they should first reach out to Kathy Cox by email coxk@wcde.org. Please send her your name and teacher's license #, and school. More information and resources are available https://Orion.Tn education.net/help as well as embedded within the learning modules. 

    Tennessee Foundational Skills IPG

    Daily Pre-K through second-grade ELA instruction should include knowledge-building and foundational skills instruction. The Tennessee Foundational Skills Instructional Practice Guide (IPG) is a tool created for school and district leaders to use as a guide during a foundational skills lesson walk-through. During a classroom visit, the TN Foundational Skills IPG focuses on specific core actions regarding materials, teacher moves, and student engagement, emphasizing the progression from sounds-based activities to fluency in daily lessons. Each item in this section may be used to assist districts or schools in considering how to effectively incorporate the Tennessee Foundational Skills IPG.

    Strong foundational skills instruction is grounded in a sounds-first approach and can be found in the Foundational Skills IPG section. Here, you will find items created by the Model Districts to support district implementation of the Tennessee Foundational Skills Instructional Practice Guide (IPG). Each item in this section is related to district planning and implementation of the TN Foundational Skills IPG. Because the Model Districts are diverse in size, location, and demographics, the tools and resources can be adapted and tailored by districts to meet more specific needs. Each item may be used as an example for any district or school considering how to effectively plan and incorporate the TN Foundational Skills IPG.

    TN Foundational Skills Instructional Practice Guide (IPG)

    TN Literacy Sucess Act

    WCDE Foundational Skills Literacy Plan

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    Academic Resources




    The Liben Foundation, which developed the sounds-first activities in the Tennessee Foundational Skills Curriculum Supplement, have produced a set of brief videos modeling how those activities look and sound in instruction. The videos model specific activities with content at varying grade and complexity levels. Links to the video are included in the PDF below. 

    Click here to download the Sounds-First Activities chart.

    The TN Writing Rubrics  



    TN Department of Education