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  • All ELA K-5 teachers must register for the Early Reading Training. It is available as an online, asynchronous learning experience.

    Once you complete the course and take the test, please forward your certificate to Taylor Poore at pooret@wcde.orgPlease put "Certificate" in the subject line. Remember to upload your certificate to TNCompass

     Helpful Tips:

    Teachers use their school email address at the end of each lesson. Single Sign-On credentials will only be needed for the summative assessment and are specific to the person completing the assessment.

    If individuals require assistance with their Single Sign-On login, they should contact Nicole Wolfe by email at wolfen@wcde.org. Please send her your name, teacher's license #, and school. More information and resources are available at https://orion.tneducation.net/help and embedded within the learning modules.  

    Reading 360 Resources and Summer Reading Training



    TN Literacy Success Act

    WCDE Foundational Skills Literacy Plan

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