• Greetings and Happy New Year!


    Attached is a copy of the digital 4-H Newsletter that was presented during our November/December On-Line Club Meetings.  We asked that this be posted on their classroom pages, but it can be posted on your website too.   Everything this year looks a little different due to the pandemic, thus, we are not having our Washington County 4-H Public Speaking Contest until February 18th.  Plans are to have at Daniel Boone High School in person, but we have a “digital” alternative prepared.

     The instructions on the public speaking contests says that the speeches can be taped and sent to us, but we explained that is a last resort.  We would prefer listening to them online via google meet if possible. 

     We did not get as many posters this year, but we are judging them now and will announce the winners the first or second week in January.  Also, a reminder that the chick chain applications are due by January 15, 2021.  Students have until January 8th to sign up for the Creative Arts Project Group.

     The first 3 PDF’s are lessons that will need to be shared with the 4- 8th grade teachers.  So let me explain.   The 4-H State Programming applied for a STEM (COVID-19 Community Cares Grant) that allowed every county in the state to do some lessons relating to safety/hygiene.  These kits will be ready for Washington County 4-H to pick up sometime in January from Clyde Austin 4-H Camp.  The kits also include making face masks from bandits.  We will be getting 132 kits.

     It will take Barbara, Juanita and I a couple days to pick up the kits from Greeneville and bring them to your school.  We will probably put mail labels on them with the name of the teacher and grade level.   (We have already discussed this with Dr. Flanary because initially we thought they would be ready in December).

     Thanks for all you do and your support of the Washington County 4-H Program. 

     Most of this material would fit perfectly with science classes.

     STEM Kits Update

    As you may know, the grant will provide each classroom 4-H Club with a STEM Kit. The kit includes:

    1. A bacterial/viral spread experiment that focuses on the efficacy of face mask and includes a no sew mask making kit for each student. (experiment materials for 10 groups per classroom, 1 lesson plan, 30 handouts, mask making supplies for 30 in each kit)
    2. A handwashing experiment using GloGerm. (experiment materials and lesson plan)
    3. 25 Tennessee Ag Mags provided by the Tennessee Foundation for Ag in the Classroom and an Ag in Classroom bookmark with information about additional resources.
    4. 30 4-H Camp Brochures




    Connie Goff-Sharp, M.S.

    Extension Agent III

    4-H Youth Development

    UT Extension Washington County

    206 West Main Street

    Jonesborough, Tennessee 37659