About Ms. Mynatt

  • Jessica Mynatt

    Welcome to my website! I teach English 9 and a section of English 12 called Applied Communications. I also teach an elective class, which is Intro to Fine Arts: Film. This is my second year teaching, and I am excited to meet all my students for this year.

    Email: mynattj@wcde.org

    Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in English, Master of Arts in Teaching

    Teaching Certification: English 6-12

    Additional Certifications:

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Essential Links

  • All class materials can be found in my Canvas courses. Please click on the link below:

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Ms. Mynatt's Class Schedule

  • 2022 Spring Semester

    1st Block: Applied Communications

    2nd Block: Planning

    3rd Block: Intro to Fine Arts: Film

    4th Block: English 9

    5th Block: English 9