Bonjour! Bienvenue!


     Welcome to French class. I am so excited to share with students my    knowledge and experience of the French language. I lived in Paris from 2003 - 2020. I am graduate of David Crockett High School.

    In this course, students will develop skills in order to communicate in French. Students will be able to understand elementary French, spoken and written. Students will also be able to speak with a fundamental, everyday vocabulary and good pronunciation, read and write simple French paragraphs, and discuss and  appreciate French culture.



    Madame Hopkins

    Degrees: Master of Arts in Teaching, ETSU; Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, UTK

    Phone: 423-753-1150


Daily Schedule

  • 1er: French 1

    2ème: Planning

    3ème: Senior Success

    4ème: French 1

    5ème: French 1