• Week of April 6

    Reading: www.readworks.org

    Class code

    5th grade: EE4YZ7

    7th grade: 5BKJM5

    Password for every student is 1234.

    • Monday, April 6 - Read/listen to some of the assigned book
    • Tuesday, April 7 - Complete the questions
    • Wednesday, April 8 - Complete the vocabulary questions
    • Thursday, April 9 - In a paragraph, answer the following questions in an email or on a piece of paper:
      • What was your favorite part or the most interesting part of the story? Why?
      • Would this be something you would be interested in researching? Why or why not?
        • There should be at least one sentence for each question mark.
    • An additional assignment that you can do is to read the story with a family member and have them time you for ONE MINUTE. Chart the number of words you read each day. Circle words that you need help with and talk about why you missed them and what to work on each day. This is NOT required. Again, you do NOT have to do this. Only if you would like to.

    Math: http://student.freckle.com

    These assignments will appear on the day that I have put the link under.

    5th grade class code: 529FVT

    7th grade class code: 9SHGZM

    • Monday: 4-6-2020
      • 5th grade: https://student.freckle.com/#assignments/standard/28955308/session
      • 7th grade: https://student.freckle.com/#assignments/standard/28955422/session
    • Tuesday: 4-7-2020
      • 5th grade:  https://student.freckle.com/#assignments/standard/28955466/session
      • 7th grade:  https://student.freckle.com/#assignments/standard/28955508/session
    • Wednesday: 4-8-2020
      • 5th grade: https://student.freckle.com/#assignments/standard/28955623/session
      • 7th grade:  https://student.freckle.com/#assignments/standard/28955640/session
    • Thursday: 4-9-2020
      • 5th grade:  https://student.freckle.com/#assignments/standard/28955533/session
      • 7th grade: https://student.freckle.com/#assignments/standard/28955593/session
    • If you are unable to access the websites, create fractions or multiplication problems and work on those.
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    For an extra special treat when I see you, complete the following assignments. If you are trying to finish them when we return to school, I will give you additional time and treat you for effort!

    5th grade Assignment:

    Reading Assignment

    7th grade Assignment:

    Reading Assignment


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Mrs. Amanda McKinney



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Amanda McKinney

Hi, I am the new Interventionist. I currently work with 5th and 7th grades. This is my first year at JMS. I worked in Hawkins County for two years prior to this teaching position. I am married to my husband, Chad. Please check out the announcement page for assignments that are due each Friday.


  • If the student needs assignments read out loud to them they will need to go and download the Read and Write App onto their computer or phone. They have to be using Chrome 

    Steps to get Read and Write: 

    1. Go to search bar and type in Chrome Web Store 2. Click the first link 3. Go to the search bar on the left side and type in “Read and Write” 4. It will be a purple icon, click add to chrome 5. They will then see a little purple icon that looks like a puzzle piece in the top right corner 

    of their computer screen. 6. When they need something read to them, they will click the icon and then click the play 

    icon for it to read the assignment to them.