Mrs. Wilson's Math and Science

  • PLease let me know if you would like a packet of work from the school. This is great if you don;t have a dedicated computer or internet line. The packet can be turned in when we return to school. Please let me know if you need one.


    Students were sent home with a math and science packet.I will post daily assignments ( from the packet) until spring break. I have also posted the packet to the website for students who were absent or lost their packet. Do not feel the need to print the papers out, they can write it on whatever paper you have at home. 


    I will also post some math tutoring videos for help. Most of the work sent home was review.

    I will have daily assignments posted by  10:00 a.m. everyday. ( from the work I sent home with students). I will also post the same assignments in google classroom. Please use whatever is easiest for you.

    Students and Parents if you have any questions please email me . I will do whatever I can to help you.


    Link to my Band- I will post here daily when I have added assignments.