Mrs. Fox's 5th Grade Math & Science Class

  • Chapter 10 Video Lessons are now live

    Go to Daily MAth Instruction Tab to find links to my videos teaching chapter 10 fromt he go math book. The videos are also linked with the Flipgrid assignments and can be found there as well as on this website.

    Please have your student watch these if they have not already done the Chapter 10 Math Packet.

  • New Plans for Instuction= FLIPGRID (Assigned 4/20/2020)

    Hey guys! We are trying something new!...WELCOME TO OUR 5th GRADE FLIPGRID!!! We will be tag teaming with Mrs. Grizzle and the other 5th graders to make this all happen. :)

    1. Go to: (I also have links on the home page, math page and resource page)

    2. Enter your ID this will be your first name and last initial-all lowercase). For example, mine would be annef

    --Students will be given daily assignments to complete using flipgrid. I will also be teaching and administering new content for Math (Chapter 10 from GoMath) through Flipgrid. this will be the easiest way for the students to ask me questions regarding the math activities instead of bugging you parents :)

    --Students will need to check out my Assignment Calendar on the website for their daily assignments. They need to simply click on the day of the week they are working on for the instructions on that day's assignment. 

    --Please take note of any questions you may have about this new tool.  We will learning and taking this journey together! HAVE FUN!

     FLIPGRID can be instaled on your students phone as well from the App Store for free, this will make it easier for them to record and send int heir work and their answers. But if you do not want your student to have access that is up to you. They can still access to everything on the computer just like they do for MobyMax.

    Helpful video tutorials in case you need some help:


    *Important:  If at any point, FlipGrid becomes overwhelming to you, please continue with Moby Max or the curriculum packets issued by the district.

  • Spirit Week and Student Spotlight

    Hello all, this week 4/13-17/2020 BCE is participating in a Virtual Spirit Week. I would LOVE to see pictures of my students and their families dressed up accordingly. If you are willing to send me pictures of them dressed up please do! You can send them via email or on Remind!! If you do not want to send them to me then you can hashtag them on your own facebook or other social media with #BCEspiritweek so that we can find your pictures. I would love for you all to participate to show your BCE Pride.

    I have also added another page to my website designed to spotlight your student's amazing work over this "break". I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to have a shout out for every student. If you have noticed your student doing something amazing please let me know via email or remind. I would love to know about it and recognize it on this page! 


  • New Lesson Plan Starting Wed. April 8th

    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    Mr. Herrmann and I are excited to implement a new web-based curriculum called MobyMax in our classroom.  MobyMax is tailored to your child's individual needs, and I think you will be very impressed by how fast your child will excel while using Moby. 

    Best of all, your child can access Moby from your home computer at any time.  I will be monitoring your students progress throughout the week to see where they are and to see if they are putting in the time to complete the activities. We are asking that your students complete 30 minutes of Math instruction, 30 Minutes of Science Instruction and 15 Minutes of Math Fact Instruction. Your student will be receiving participation grades for the amount of time that they can spend on Moby Max, these grades will be going into the grade book along with the daily assessments from before Spring Break.

    Login steps for _____Student Name_______

    1. Please go to
    2. Enter School Code: [tn663] OR type in [Boones Creek Elementary]
    3. Enter Username: Students first name and 1st letter of their last name & Password: bce

    *nothing is capitalized or spaced. (example: Anne Fox = annef)

    * You cna also find the Log in link in the Daily Math assessments following Day 10 Assignment 

     *If this log in does not work for you just reach out to me via remind or email

    The Student will be first prompted to take a placement test that will assess where they are before they can start working through the assignments.

    You can sign in as a parent as well by selecting "As a Parent" and entering your child's username and password.  You will be able to monitor your child's progress and even send messages to me.

    Moby Max will not be starting till AFTER Spring Break on the Wednesday April 8th unless you would like your student working over spring break.

Lesson Change Announcement!

  • Students were given a chapter 10 packet of work prior to leaving school on March 16th. Mr. Herrmann and I have decided to turn that into optional practice for the chapter work. We have instead shifted into review style lessons for your students. Our hope is that this can keep the students minds sharp for when we get back from this "break" and for the upcoming TCAPS.

    All of the Math assignments have been posted. The assignments are dated, so students will have one small assignment every day to work on. Students will need to click on the side tab that says "Daily Math Instruction" to find the work that they need to complete for that day. All assignments can be completed by either printing them out or by working on a separate sheet of paper. We are expecting assignments to be turned in when students return to school.

    Please stay safe and germ free. If you have any questions please text me through my Remind account. you can do that by downloading the app or by texting @mrsfox5thm to the number 81010

    No work will be assigned over Spring Break

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