• Google Classroom

    We will be using google clasroom this year.  Please make sure your child has their chromebook each day and that it is fully charged.  Also, please make sure your child has their email address and password set so that they can login to our google classroom.  

    Teacher Communication 

    Please make sure you are signed up on our 3rd grade BAND app.  All daily communication will take place there.    We will also send a weekly newsletter home in your child's folder.  If you have any questions, please email me at laddl@wcde.org.

  • Mrs. Ladd's

    3rd Grade 


     Welcome to 3rd grade!  This will be an exciting year for your child as we learn and grow together.  My goal is to help students become responsible and independent readers, writers, and problem solvers.  If you need to reach me at any time you can email me at laddl@wcde.org.

  • Mrs. Ladd’s 

    Related Arts Schedule

    Monday- P.E.


    Tuesday- P.E


    Wednesday- Library and Guidance


    Thursday- Music


    Friday- Art

  •  Mrs. Ladd’s Schedule 


    Block 1:

    8-8:15- Spiral Review 

    8:15-8:45- Read Aloud and Daily Task

    8:45-9:38-Reading Stations


    Block 2

    10:27-10:45- Spiral Review

    10:45-11:15-Read Aloud and Daily Task

    11:15-11:50- ELA Stations


    12:15-12:30-Continue ELA stations

    12:30-1:22- Related Arts

    1:22-1:55-Social Studies

    Switch back to Homeroom

    1:55-2:45-Social Studies with Homeroom

     2:45-3:00-Educational Break



    Items needed for every student in third grade 2023-2024:


    o 1 box of #2 yellow Dixon pencils (no designs, they do not sharpen well)

    o 1 marble composition books 

    o 4 plastic folders with prongs

    o 1 twenty-four pack of crayons

    o 1 pack of pencil top erasers

    o 1 three-ring binder

    O         Math and Science- a total of 4 single subject notebooks  



    Overall classroom wish list (optional):

    o Expo dry-erase markers (small and large)          

    o Clorox wipes

    o Hand sanitizer

    o Kleenex tissues

    o Lysol disinfectant spray

    o Pack of printer paper