• Photography Club

    Capture the Moment

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    About the Club:

    This club is for students who have an interest in photography and would like to further enhance his or her photography skills. Students would be able to express his or her creativity within photos and share them with their peers. Club members will be given a theme or a photography style to look at and discuss.  Members will make a portfolio, go field trips to art exhibits and take pictures, have photo scavenger hunts, and enter photography into competitions. 

    Clubs Benefits:

    • Students will further his or her skills in photography.
    • Students will be in a low-risk environment to express their creativity.
    • Students will be able to collaborate with other clubs such as yearbook staff, key club, etc.
    • Students will be able to enter local and national photography contests.
    • Students can offer their photography pieces as a way to beautify the school.

    Requirements for Membership:

    • Interest in photography
    • A camera of some sort (Camera phone will be fine.)
    • Must attend at least 5 meetings


    • Be Respectful
    • No Suggestive images or language
    • Club members must follow ALL standards and procedures of Daniel Boone High School.