• BCE Student Council

     First meeting on Thursday, September 2, at 7:45 A.M. in 5 /6 collaboration room.


    BCE student council helps with organizing events, programs and projects, encouraging democratic participation and promote good citizenship by example. Student Council members will meet with the principal and discuss needs and wants of the student body/school.  Student Council members represent the school during and after school hours with exemplary service and behavior.  Student Council members inform the school of student needs as they arise.  The Council works on school based projects.



  • 2019-2020 BCE Student Council Representatives







    Gavin Christian

    Sophia Slawson

    Joy Pridemore

    Molly Smith

    Ethan Willocks



    Landon Sheesley

    Abby Moore

    Micah Martin

    Sydney Matherly

    Sarah Waddel

    Lilly Fleenor

    Heidi Rhodes

    Reagan Crumley

    Josie Green Beene