• Speech & Language 

Rebecca Lyons
  • Please contact me at lyonsr@wcde.org with any questions or concerns regarding your child's speech & language goals. 

  • Rebecca Lyons, SLP

    Speech-Language Pathologist

    Department of Special Education

    Washington County Department of Education

    Phone:  423-753-1140

    Email: lyonsr@wcde.org

  • Welcome to Speech & Language at Sulphur Springs! I have attached a list of activities and resources to continue encouraging and building speech and language skills at home. Please visit the individual pages for specific lessons.  

    Apps and board games provide fun practices with skills including social skills, turn taking, building vocabulary, defining and describing, expressing thoughts, grammar, and opportunities to practice articulation skills. Below I have listed some games and fun ways to explore these skills. Check them out! 

    Board Games: 

    • Head Bands 
    • Apples to Apples 
    • Connect Four 
    • Scattergories 
    • Bananagrams 
    • Pictionary 
    • Jenga 

    Applications for smart phone and tablets: 

    • Therapy Report Center
    • Pocket Pond
    • Talking Tom
    • Let’s name things: Fun Deck
    • Mad Libs
    • Super Duper Story Maker