Coach Tammy Moody


    Hello Gray Elementary and middle school students!  My name is Tammy Moody, and I will be one of your P.E. teachers this year!  I am happy to be here and excited for what looks like is going to be a very unique school year!  I am arriving to your building with 22 years of teaching experience and too many to post, years of coaching experience!  I was a long standing "gym teacher" and coach at Lamar Elementary before transferring to Gray.  I hope to share many new games, activities and units with you and to be another platform for your academic, psychomotor and life success!  My personal philosophy is be fit for life!  (One day, the only things that will matter are your health and spirit.)


    Classroom rules, expectations, grades and types of consequences used in the gym are posted in the google classroom.  My email is moodyt@wcde.org and you may call the main number at Gray to reach me telephonically.  Daily schedule will be posted shortly to reveal my planning time should you need an at length conversation.  

    Now...... let's play ball!  Some of the most applicable and important lessons in life are learned while we play!





    Click the photo for a fun workout.



    Do four of the following activities each day of the week. Make sure you complete a bingo (a row) each day.

     Activity Bingo

 Gray Elementary Physical Education



Degrees and Certifications:

Gray Elementary Physical Education

We ask that you take time each day to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Exercise can be beneficial to you during this time that we are away from school. By incorporating exercise it can serve as a brain break, stimulate learning, and help relieve stress.

Exercise Suggestions: Stations / Go Noodle Link

3-8 Daily Exercise Stations (These are the fitness stations that we do at the beggining of class each day.)

Four stations, 30 seconds each (attempt to do as many as possible at each station without rest in between exercises)

Push ups

Jogging in Place


Wall Sits

1 Minute Break


Foward Lunge

Russian Twist


K-2 Exercise Stations

Four stattions, 30 seconds each (attempt to do as many as possible at each station without rest in between exercises )

Mountian Climbers

Jogging / Jogging in place

Jumping Jacks

Hop on one foot

1 Minute Break

Jump for distance

Bear Crawl

Crab Walk