Jeremy Arnold

Phone: 477-1640


Degrees and Certifications:

2003 B.A. ETSU, 2005 B.A. ETSU, 2012 MAT ETSUCertifications: Special Education: Modified, Special Education: Comprehensive, 4-8 Middle Grades, 7-12 English, 7-12 History, 7-12 Government

Jeremy Arnold

I'm Jeremy Arnold, Middle School (grades 5-8) Special Education teacher at Gray School.

Originally from Hawkins County, I attended ETSU and have taught for six years after a decade of experience working in the private sector.  I came to Gray School in fall of 2016 and I am very grateful to be a part of such a wonderful school with such great kids.

I work with both Special Education and General Education students here at Gray in Inclusion and targeted Special Education intervention classes.  Our Special Education students are a diverse, highly capable population.  It's my job to push all of our students to work to the best of their ability and learn the skills necessary to make their dreams come true.


    In our Special Education Intervention RTI this year, we use the following programs to teach our students in small groups to improve their Reading and Math skills.

    Do The Math: A proven, structured program that teaches fundamental math skills from basic addition and subtraction to multiplication, division, and fractions.  Do the Math uses a variety of instructional techniques, including games, to teach and reinforce these essential concepts that students can apply to both the classroom and real life.

    SPIRE: Based on the renowned Orton-Gillingham approach, SPIRE is a clinically proven program to teach reading phonics, phonemic awareness, spelling, and other basic reading skills.  It is not uncommon for students receiving daily SPIRE intervention at our school to improve their reading by several grade levels in a single year.

    Making Connections Intervention: This is our 5th and 6th grade Reading Comprehension intervention.  Students receiving this intervention receive instruction on word study and essential reading skills such as Main Idea and Supporting Details, Compare and Contrast, Cause and Effect, and more while reading and analyzing interesting short articles and stories from a variety of literary genres in small groups.

    Text Connections: This is our 7th and 8th grade Reading Comprehension Intervention to build important metacognitive skills that are essential for the complex analysis required of toda's students.  Students take a multi-faceted approach to improving their reading and learning the skills to be a lifelong reader, including a variety of interactive group projects, vocabulary study, journaling, and will read, analyze, and discuss a variety of articles and short stories from various literary genres in small groups.

    Each of these programs has been proven to help students improve their skills in the particular focus areas and are taught in a small group intervention format that allows students to receive greater individual attention while also working collaboratively with partners who are at or near the same skill level.

  • WEEK OF JANUARY 15, 2018

    This is a short week due to the Martin Luther King holiday on Monday.

    Our 5-8 Special Education students will be taking their Winter EasyCBM Benchmarks today during their RTI time.  I will buy an student who gets 100% correct a free lunch!