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    Ms. Cassandra StJohn
    English Language Arts
    Gray Elementary
    8th Grade

  • Families and students,

    Please make sure that you are checking your email and WCDE's Canvas for assignments from 8th grade teachers. You can also see weekly assignments on each of our webpages. Please email me at stjohnc@wcde.org if you are having any issues.

    I hope to see everyone in April!

    Wed- Canvas: journal entry, chapter 13 paraphrase; NoRedInk: Informal, Formal Language

    Thurs- Canvas: Frankenstein chapter 17; NoRedInk: Claims, Informal, Formal Language practice

    Fri- Canvas: Frankenstein chapter 17 opinion; NoRedInk: Counterarguments, Informal, Formal Language growth quiz

    Week 2

    *Remember that your essay is due on Friday 3/27.

    Mon- Canvas: "Flowers for Algernon" reading and questions, Prefix, Suffix, Root Word matching; NoRedInk: Subject Verb Agreement unit diagnostic

    Tues- Canvas: Knowledge; NoRedInk: Subject Verb Agreement practice

    Wed- Canvas: Ethics discussion; NoRedInk: Subject Verb Agreement practice 2

    Thurs- Canvas: Ignorance is bliss discussion, Shakespeare Words; NoRedInk: Subject Verb Agreement growth quiz

    Fri- Canvas: ESSAY DUE!!!!; NoRedInk: Passive or Active unit diagnostic 

    Week 3

    I hope you enjoyed your spring break!

    Mon-Canvas: Reflection; NoRedInk: Passive or Active Practice

    Tues- Canvas: History Book Entry; NoRedInk: Passive or Active Practice 2

    Wed- Canvas: "Mythology"; NoRedInk: Passive or Active Practice 3

    Thurs- Canvas: Why do myths exist? Discussion; NoRedInk: Passive or Active Quiz

    Fri- Good Friday!

    Week 4

    Mon- Canvas: Slide 3 Question (from the powerpoint attached to the daily email); NoRedInk: Parallel Structure Unit Diagnostic

    Tues- Canvas: Creation Myth Reading and Questions; NoRedInk: Parallel Structure Practice

    Wed- Notes on Olympus and Greek gods; NoRedInk: Parallel Structure Practice 2

    Thurs- Canvas: Greek God Quiz; NoRedInk: Parallel Structure Practice 3

    Fri- Canvas: Demeter and Persephone Reading and Questions; NoRedInk: Parallel Structure Quiz

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