Mr. Jeff Crowe



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Jeff Crowe

Math textbook user and password:   mathisfun18

  • Homework 

    3/18/2020 -  Wednesday

    GOMATH textbook:  Page 179-184, all problems

    3/19/20 - Thursday  GOMATH Textbook    Page 185-190     Writing Two- Step Equations   

    3/20/20- Friday GOMATH Textbook Page 191-196 Solve Two-Step Equations     

    Monday 3/23/20 Textbook Page 197 and 198  Review Equations 

    Tuesday 3/24/20 Textbook Page 141-146  Review Percent of Change

    Wednesday 3/25/20 Textbook Page 147-152  Rewrite Percent Expressions

    Thursday 3/26/20 Textbook Page 153-158  Solve Discount/ Interest/ Sales Tax Problems

    Friday 3/27/20 Textbook Page 159 and 160  Review of Percents  


    March 30th-April 3rd        

    I hope everyone is doing well. I hope you enjoy your spring break.