Foreign Language: 2 credits (May be waived by the local school district for students, under certain circumstances, to expand and enhance the elective focus)


    Our department is dedicated to empowering students to reach the highest level of proficiency in their chosen language of study while nurturing cultural awareness, communicative competence, and lifelong learning skills using the Tennessee World Language Standards as the basis of our instruction. Through immersive teaching in the target language, utilization of authentic resources, and performance-based assessments, our aim is to foster a profound understanding of diverse cultures and prompt critical reflection on one's own cultural experiences. Our curriculum, grounded in comprehensible input activities and cultural exploration, offers a cohesive scope and sequence across languages. Collaborating with other departments on thematic studies enhances interdisciplinary connections and enriches students' learning journeys. Additionally, we provide an array of cultural opportunities, such as ballet folklórico, culinary experiences, and art exhibitions, to engage students and deepen their appreciation of the target language and culture. By continuously refining our goals and methodologies and encouraging student output, we endeavor to cultivate not only high levels of proficiency but also confidence, empathy, and global citizenship essential for thriving in an interconnected world.



    Our vision for the future of our department is to become a beacon of excellence in fostering the holistic development of our students, both academically and personally. We dream of witnessing our students proudly earning the Seal of Biliteracy, equipped with the linguistic proficiency and cultural competency to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. To achieve this, we aspire to expand our course offerings to include more advanced levels, including III/IV/AP/Heritage Speaker classes, and provide enriching opportunities for international experiences through increased trips abroad.

    In our vision, collaboration within our department is not just encouraged but deeply ingrained, leading to a unified curriculum across both languages that sets high expectations for our students. We aim to create an environment where students are consistently challenged to reach their full potential and where they are exposed to diverse perspectives, fostering a deep appreciation for other cultures and nurturing their development as global citizens.

    With these aspirations guiding us, we envision a future where our department serves as a catalyst for personal growth, academic achievement, and cultural understanding, empowering our students to make meaningful contributions to an increasingly interconnected global community.