• Earn Your Breakthrough in the Off-Season!

    If you stop training in November and December, you will find you took two steps forward only to take 1.9 steps back. You'll be pretty much back where you started the previous year.

    When no races are on the calendar in the immediate future, gradually increase your total training volume, aiming to reach new weekly-mileage heights.

    The Trial of Miles improves running economy, aerobic development and just about every other biomechanical, neuromuscular and cardiovascular variable that goes into making a strong runner.

  • 2018 Cross Country Team

    Fall 2018

    (First Row, Left to Right) 

    (Second Row, Left to Right) 

    (Third Row, Left to Right)

  • Pioneer Cross Country Schedule
  • 2017 Girls State Team

    8th at the TSSAA State Meet 2017. 20:29 Average

    (Left to Right) Rachel Dulaney, Grace Krell, Taylor Roy, Chloe Cradic, Emmaline Hulse, Halle Scott, Breanna Roy