Welcome to the Classroom of Mr. Ball

English IV

  • This Week: 

    1. D.L.P. Week 3 (on Chromebook) -Quiz Friday
    2. Vocabulary-never-ending (on Chromebook)-Quiz Friday
    3. Daily Diagrams (on paper)-2 or 3 days
    4. 1st Period Beowulf—essay due Thursday
    5. 2nd and 4th Business Communications

    The three classes are in slightly different places because I am teaching them slightly differently


    Daily Class Schedule 1st Semester

    1st Period (7:45-9:05)- English IV

    2nd Period (9:10-10:30)- English IV—Applied Communications

    3rd Period (10:35-11:20)- English Survey-Mystery

    4th Period (11:25-1:20)- English IV—Applied Communications

    5th Period (1:25-2:45)- Planning

Mr. Ed Ball



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Ed Ball

I am Mr. Ball, and I teach English IV and Creative Writing here at D.C.H.S. As indicated on my photo, I am a graduate from D.C.H.S. (Class of 1995). I am married to Amber, a fellow graduate from D.C.H.S. (Class of 1996). Together we have three amazing children, one at E.T.S.U., one here at D.C.H.S., and one at Jonesborough Middle School. I enjoy reading, writing, actively participating in church activities, fixing things, and exercise (especially running). 

I am here in my thirteenth year teaching overall, twelfth at D.C.H.S.  I enjoy teaching high school students and watching them grow and deepen their learning as they travel the journey of their time with me. 

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to email me at balle@wcde.org (preferred). You may also call the school at (423) 753 -1150.